Eric Adams   vocals   since 1980   former bands: The Kids
Joey DeMaio   bass   since 1980   former bands: Thunder
Donnie Hamzik   drums   1981-1982 and since 2009    
Karl Logan   guitars   since 1994   former bans: Arc Angel, Fallen Angel


Ross "The Boss" Friedman   guitars   1980-1988   other bands: The Dictators, Shakin Street, Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, Heyday,
David Roter Method, The Spinatras, The Brain Surgeons, Ross The Boss Band
Scott Columbus †   drums   1983-1991 and 1995-2008    
Carl Canedy   drums   1980   other bands: The Rods
David Shankle   guitars   1989-1993   other bands: David Shankle Group
Kenny "Rhino" Earl   drums   1992-1994 and tour 2008   other bands: Holy Hell, Angels of Babylon